A Gift from GAB

From living a destructive lifestyle to helping others embrace a new way, our RISERS definitely have a story to tell.  This mentorship program allows them to share their past experiences while igniting hope in future RISERS.   Many young men, in our communities, dream of a life free of substance use, violence and poverty.  Our RISERS are real life examples that it does not have to be a just a dream.  It can be a reality.  Through sharing their personal stories our team of exceptional RISERS will provide their testimonies of change to young people in vulnerable communities. 

While working in the criminal justice system, we were particularly touched by the transformations we were privileged to witness. Enduring one of the most compelling stories of tragedy and triumph, one of our RISERS—having the initials G. A. B.—was the inspiration for A Gift from GAB.  Our RISERS epitomize the definition of transformation.  To have them speak at your school, after school program or community development center, submit your request on our contact page.  

Locked-Up Talent Unleashed

This component of RISE serves to provide a platform for men who have talents, strengths and abilities that have not been developed to their fullest potential due to a lack of resources, a lack of motivation or a lack of opportunity.  

In our experience working in the criminal justice system, we have been honored to have witnessed many incarcerated men exhibit an overwhelming amount of remarkable talent.  Many of these men are aware of their talents; while many of them only learn of their talents once they are locked up.  By unleashing this talent, our RISERS are able to increase their self-worth and self-esteem.  Exposing the community to the creative energy our RISERS possess will not only give the community insight into their positive contributions, but will also assist in transforming the stigma associated with incarcerated men and men with criminal convictions.

Within A Birds Eye View

Including families in the reintegration and restoration efforts is what distinguishes RISE from all other reentry programs.  Travis Jeremy and Michelle Waul, authors of “Prisoners Once Removed: The Impact of Incarceration and Reentry on Children, Families, and Communities” note that the family of the incarcerated are too affected by the inmates detention, yet public policy has fallen short of including them in a sound reentry plan.  At Rise, we know that family dynamics is a vital component to a successful reintegration.  A healthy identity, rooted in a strong family system can also be a deterrent to getting involved with drugs, crime and the legal system.  

As the only agency in the lowcountry certified to teach ScreamFree Parenting Classes, we are committed to incorporating services to reach lowcountry families who may benefit from our work.  

    • RISE will engage families in the creative arts and physical fitness. 
    • RISE will increase family literacy levels.
    • RISE will link members with job opportunities. 
    • RISE will promote cultural, social and global awareness.
    • RISE will foster change in the thoughts and behaviors of its members.  
    • RISE will cultivate service to others and collaboration with others.  
    • RISE will provide parenting and co-parenting classes.  
    • RISE will ignite hope through the power of calm.  

For more information about how you can get involved, submit your request on our contact page.